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Art Submissions - Guidelines for Artists seeking an SQP Art Book of their own!

Art Submission Guide

"Where are all the new artists coming from?"

Everywhere! Constantly! From around the world! Not that we're complaining, of course. It's WHY we started this company in the first place.


We love fantasy art (quite fond of erotic and pin-up as well). Every year at the San Diego ComicCon, a veritable conga-line of fresh-faced artists with their portfolios snakes along the SQP Pavilion, in hopes for an audience with Pope Sal. "This is good. This face needs some work. The anatomy is a little off here. I think you're maybe six months from becoming REALLY good!" It's a yearly pilgrimage to the greatest geekfest on the planet, and we've met many artists who are now part of the SQP family.


Now, thanks to the miracle of the world wide web, potential new powerhouse illustrators can show off their stuff electronically. It's a fairly easy process:


1) Take a good hard look at what we're featuring on this website. If you honestly believe "Hey, my stuff is as good as that - heck, it's better!" - than we're off to a good start.


2) You've already GOT your own website, or belong to a group that's given you cyber-space to show your stuff. Simply drop us a line (see that BIG button on the bottom of this page?) with your URL, and let us know where on the web we can see your work.


3) if you'd rather attach some sample pieces to that email - that's perfectly fine. Just keep those examples in the (no-larger-than) 9x12 inch size, 72 dpi, RGB jpg format that most people are used to using. Just pick 3 or 4 of your best pieces, and again - make sure they're in the subject matter you see on our site (you may be a FANTASTIC illustrator of kittens playing poker - but that will do neither of us ANY good - we need to see your best smokin' hot babe artwork!)


4) If we like what we see, we'll certainly let you know. If we don't, we'll make the time to give you our honest criticism and always invite you to send us new samples as your work improves (give it a six-month effort - a week-by-week art attack is gonna get really tedious for all of us!)


5) Patience! At any time, we're scheduled for projects for the next 12 to 18 months. If we go completely head-over-heels in total LOVE with your stuff, keep in mind there are artists and books in line AHEAD of you! The publishing world is a slow and meticulous grind...but real books DO come out of the process.Over the many years of publishing, we've met, encouraged, and showcased DOZENS of new talented folk. It's one of the great rewards of this business, and we genuinely look forward to seeing your work.

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