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  • Bob Keenan

Byrd-Byrd-Byrd! Byrd is the word!

Of the many artists we celebrate, spotlight, or generally gush about, Mitch Byrd is among our favorites here at SQP Art Books. A profoundly talented individual blessed with both bondless imagination and breath-taking technical expertise, Mitch makes some pretty astounding images fly out of his pencil!

Our first collection of his work - The Art of Mitch Byrd, gave the public a fine overview of what sort of images parade through Mitch's mind. The tour was non-stop fun, as we raided his sketchbooks to find whole universes chok-a-bloc with detailed and precise drawings of astounding wonder. Science-fiction, fantasy, sword & sorcery, western - whichever genre he'd play in, he'd win! We were also taken by his affection for the fuller-figured female, as big girls need love as well. All in all, an outstanding introduction, and one of our all-time best selling titles.

When creating the Gallery Girl series of books, we naturally put Mitch on speed-dial, and his contributions were always the highlight of any FedEx delivery! Opening one of his packages of original art, what

Jack Nicholson's Joker said in "Batman" would often come to mind - "Where does he GET those wonderful toys!?" Seriously - where DOES he get these amazing ideas? Take a cliche, or a standard good-enough concept - twist it, turn it on its head, and send it off in a completely new and entertaining direction! That's how Mr Byrd rolls! When it came to accessing his more erotic/kinkier side, Mitch has created some of the lovliest and most bizarre pieces we've ever had the privilege to publish. Fun-fact - for the true Byrd-enthusiast out there, many of these highly original works of art are available for purchase. Imagine just how much better your personal space would improve with the addition of a big-bottomed girl to call your very own?!

Moving along to the next Byrd-inspired creation, we have Big Girl Adventures, which combined some very intricate and bizarre tales written and illustrated by Mitch, as well as even more kinky classics calculated to amuse and arouse!

To sum it up, if you have a sense of style, humor, and/or tasteful tastelessness - I'd highly recommend checking out the works of Mitch Byrd. He's both playful and prolific, and creates some damned fine high-quality eye candy!

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