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Art of Edward Reed HC ED

$25.00 Regular Price
$12.50Sale Price
  • Limited Hardcover Edition - same interiors as softcover version.

    Edward Reed is a unique artist who delights in the old-school masters of pin-up like Vargas, Elvgren and Petty, yet he has a fascination for photo-realism that borders on the surreal. He has the practiced ease of an expert when it comes to real-world airbrushing, yet has no difficulty bringing that talent to a computer screen. Whether analog or digital, the finished illustration is what's important, and Reed brings outstanding style and beauty to all his creations. Also, Edward has assembled a fascinating step-by-step to show how he creates such intricate and amazing masterworks.


    9x12 oversized format HARDCOVER EDITION - 48 pages in full color.

    ISBN - 978-0-86562-174-9


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