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  • Bob Keenan

In praise of all things Mironiuk!

Comedian Eddie Izzard has a terrific bit about how very close "cool, hip, and groovy" stands next to "lookin' like a dickhead". Genuine freaks and mutants are just a half-step from walking a Paris runway (and vice-versa!)

On the grand circle of creativity, there's this narrow little space where something SO wrong stands right next to something SO right. This is the best way to describe Ed Mironiuk's work. Deeply weird and semi-inappropriate imagery is presented in such a delightful and unashamed style, the resulting work is very satisfying. At least to the profoundly odd (I'll plead guilty to that!)

Ed's latest gallery of glorious nightmare fuel and profoundly peculiar pin-ups is available now from SQP Art Books - "Disturbing Beauty - The Bizarro Art of Ed Mironiuk". A fine companion piece to his earlier collection - "The Art of Ed Mironiuk", also choc-a-block with magnificent works of wiggly wonder!

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