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  • Bob Keenan

Are You an "Aqua-Sexual"?

Not that long ago in this country, if you had an overriding desire to ogle mermaids, you were considered a deviant, unfit for proper society, and unwelcome in 43 of the 50 states. Thankfully, it's 2015, and such ignorant intolerance is no longer tolerated! Your human/fish hybrid affections are your own damned business!

To that end, SQP Art Books is so very happy to offer a netful of artbooks that celebrate these underwater vixens of the deep! There's Atlantica by Edward Reed, Mermaid Song - a full color showcase of paintings, and Gallery Girls collections Mermaids 3 and Mermaids 4 to choose from.

For those of you of a more serious artistic bent, we offer many original pieces of art lovingly created to celebrate the half-naked aquatic object of your desire! Check out our many selections under "ART" in the top menu of this site. Yes, you WILL be swimming in images!

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