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Bedtime Story Characters for "Kids" who are all Grown-Up!

Fairy Tales by Elias Cover Art by Elias Chatzoudis

Everyone has a favorite fairy tale growing up, but once you're too old to get tucked-in, what's a person to do? Thankfully, creator and hyper-prolific artist Elias Chatzoudis has the solution! In his latest collection of pin-ups, he's taken legendary characters and given them a "bit of heat" for a more mature audience. Suffice it to say, the Little Mermaid is NOT so little any more, Tinkerbell's a lot more magical, and the cheeks of Snow White's face aren't the first cheeks you'll be noticing! It's all in good and naughty fun, as Elias brings to more vibrant life your fondest memories. As an added bonus, he's taken the original pencil drawing in all its meticulous detail, and placed it alongside the fully rendered full color painting.

You want to REALLY live "happily ever after"? Check out "Fairy Tales by Elias".

Topless Tinkerbell from Fairy Tales by Elias Chatzoudis

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